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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

apricot martini

Okay, as promised...

Any time you make fruit jam without pectin, and you skim off some foam while it cooks, you can turn it into a fun little cocktail that you can enjoy to celebrate a job well done.

I learned this little trick from Allison at A Girl*A Market*A Meal. She did it with strawberry jam foam, and I have also done it with plum, orange, and now apricot.

Take your foamy, fruity sweet syrupy stuff that you saved while making the jam and pour it into a cocktail shaker. Add in an equal amount of vodka and a squeeze of lemon. Shake well and squeeze into a martini glass.

If you have enough for two, make a toast with your significant other. If you don't have enough to share, just sit back and enjoy a moment of quiet rest. You deserve it.