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Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a scary world out there

I've been cooking up a little storm around here in the few spare moments I can devote to spending in the kitchen. However, between all of the running around town and meetings and volunteering and fundraising and packing for camping, I don't have any time to tell you about it all! Soon, I promise...

Anyway, I just had to take a moment for a little warning and a little soapboxing.

DON'T EAT YOUR CANTALOUPE! Unless you know exactly where it was grown, that is.

Have you read about the cantaloupe recall yet? Click here if you haven't.

There is a farm in Colorado whose cantaloupes are tainted with listeria. Although the name listeria doesn't come to mind as readily as e coli or salmonella, it is actually more deadly, especially to the elderly, the young, or pregnant women.

Of course, these things happen. Bacteria makes its way places and infests foods, and in turn the consumers of the foods. Listeria happens to have a two week incubation period, which means that it can be in your system for two weeks before you have any symptoms.

I have no idea whether the farm is at fault, or if it is just bad luck that they happen to have a listeria outbreak right now.

But here is where my soapbox comes in... this farm in Colorado sends cantaloupes all over the country. That means that a listeria problem in Colorado has infected people from Arizona clear over to New York. From Wyoming all the way down to Texas, people are receiving these cantaloupes.

Within two weeks, listeria made it all four corners of our country.

If that isn't a good reason to buy local, what is?