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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

this is not your state fair

We have gotten asparagus in the veggie box six out of the past eight weeks. I am a huge asparagus fan, and it is one of the vegetables that my kids tolerate. But still, we are all getting a bit tired of it.

I have grilled it, roasted it, pureed it into pasta sauce, steamed it, and rolled it up with cheese and bread.

And yet, I was able to find another way to prepare it! Actually this turned out to be one of my favorites. (Best if you are looking for yummy. Not so much if you are looking for healthy).

I present to you... deep fried asparagus. Or asparagus fries, if you will. It reminded me a little of tempura vegetables, although it is made with buttermilk instead of egg whites.

First, wash and trim your asparagus.

Dip each stalk into buttermilk, and then dredge in flour.

Gently drop each stalk into hot oil, and let it fry until it is golden brown. Then let it drain onto paper towels.

Enjoy them hot, with ranch dressing or a mixture of plain yogurt and herbs.