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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

seven-layer dip

I have watched many episodes of ER and Grey's Anatomy, so I feel like I am a bit of an expert on Emergency Rooms and procedures for dealing with a massive catastrophe.

You know how the rescue workers go around marking the victims according to a triage system? I think the people who are about to die get a red tag, and the people who have a broken toe get a yellow tag, and everyone in between gets some color on the spectrum between the two. The idea is that you have to take care of some people immediately, whereas other people can sit and wait -- although they do need help -- for some time before they are taken care of.

My life feels this way right now. Since my kindergartner was Star of the Week last week, making his poster and preparing his biography were given red tags... DO THIS BEFORE MONDAY MORNING! Then came making valentines (which for some reason needed to be turned in already), and below that was putting together party favors and baking cupcakes for the second grader's birthday. Those got orange tags... they could wait a week without any major repercussions. Then there were a few yellow tags on things like making appetizers for the Superbowl party and RSVP'ing to a wedding and two birthday parties, and securing a babysitter for everything. Oh yeah, and a glance at the calendar reminded me that we are hosting a cub scout meeting/craft today. Yellow tag on that one.

Once the Star Week passed, the birthday party items moved into red tag status, and everything else moved up a step. There are still a few victims lying so deep in the wreckage that I may never get to them... things like cooking dinner or shaving my legs...or writing this blog. Don't tell anyone, okay? They'll just remain passengers "unaccounted for."

For the past two weeks, everything that has crossed my mind as a "to-do" item falls into its place...Just let me get through the birthday party and I can worry about the Superbowl. Just let me get these appetizers done and I'll bake the birthday cake and wrap gifts after the Superbowl party. Just let me get through the birthday and then I can plan the craft/shop/make snacks/clean the house for the cub scout meeting. 

So anyway, I meant to write about some Superbowl Party foods before the big game... you know, when it might have actually been helpful for you? But since the food got thrown together just as we walked out the door, things are not nearly as impressive as I wish they were.

Luckily, I got green garlic and avocados in my Abundant Harvest box this week. Which meant that the fates wanted me to be able to eat guacamole during the big game. And who am I to test fate?

Still, though, seven-layer dip should be an entire cuisine, in my opinion. And it is the perfect party food. So, here is what I brought when I went to watch the Giants beat the Patriots. 

Okay, who am I kidding? I watched the food table. Other people watched some sort of football game.

Seven layer bean dip:

Start with a good thick layer of black beans stirred with some salsa. This makes it easy to scoop up with chips. Spread a layer of sour cream over that, and them some shredded cheddar cheese, some sliced green onions, some chopped tomatoes, some black olives, and then dollop a whole lotta guacamole on top. I recommend waiting till the last minute for the guac, since you don't want it getting brown at all.