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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hot potato

When I unpacked my box last week, I had a little internal conversation. Please, come on in to my brain:

"Potatoes? What the heck am I going to do with more potatoes?"
"You could... eat them."
"Oh. Yeah."

Was it Freud who said "Sometimes a veggie is just a veggie."?

Rather than mash them, fry them, cook them into soup, or add them to a casserole, I decided to just bake them and eat them. I set up a little do-it-yourself potato bar, after reading about what Melanie did over here.

The family was invited to build their own baked potatoes. I had ground beef, black beans seasoned with caramelized onions and chicken stock, sour cream, cojita cheese (a soft Mexican cheese), chopped cilantro, chives, and jalapeno peppers. Not surprisingly, the kids opted out of all things green. However, having the chance to fill their own plates eliminated all complaining whatsoever. I couldn't ask for anything more.