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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is there anything a little bacon can't fix?

I hate it when I have to admit I was wrong.

So let's just say I wasn't exactly right.

I seem to have made the claim that if a vegetable (say, collared greens, or mustard greens, or any other greens, actually) has to be cooked with bacon in order to make it decent, it just isn't that good to begin with. I may have even claimed that I would just as soon eat the shingles from my roof, cooked with bacon.

Let me take minute to introduce my friend Carolyne, who happens to be many things:
a. a great gal
b. a fellow subscriber to the Abundant Organics CSA box (and thus my co-commiserator for some of those odd things we find in our boxes each week)
c. a self-proclaimed southern girl
d. a food blogger. (more specifically, a gluten-free food blogger. She has some great stuff!)

In addition to those four important things, she is someone who loves collard greens, cooked with bacon.

I promised her that I would try her recipe, before I gave up on greens altogether.

I am now eating crow.

'Cause dang that stuff was good! I haven't actually gotten any collard greens since I made my little promise, but I did get a big giant bunch of mustard greens. It says right there in black and white on her blog that the recipe works with any type of green. And even better with a mixture.

Here is the thing. I said that if it needs bacon, it must be because the greens are so disgusting you have to hide them in would be greatly enhance by bacon-y goodness. What I wasn't considering is the flip side of that coin. If it has bacon in it, how can it be bad?

So, Carolyne, my deepest gratitude for the recipe. And for convincing me to try the greens one more time. I am now a greens lover too.

And my most sincere apology. 'Cause now I have to take back my offer to give you all the greens I get in my box from here on out.