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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day four... brought to you by "I need a drink."

I am working on a week five days of no spending, using up the produce that lingers here, and cleaning out the fridge and pantry...

I made it through the fourth day!

We spent no money, although we are running dangerously low on a couple of things (gas and snack foods), and we are completely out of a couple of things (milk, string cheese, produce). Yes, you read that right... the seemingly endless produce is gone! Okay, okay, there are still 6 onions. But that's down from yesterday.

I'm not going to say it was an easy day. I really didn't feel like riding my bike to take the preschooler to school, and it was just cruel torture when I rode past the really yummy-smelling hamburger joint on my way back home. By the time I went back to pick him up from school, it was gorgeous (80 degrees!) out, so I told myself to just enjoy the freedom of being able to ride my bike. And I did!

I like to have a protein shake for breakfast every morning. Which is hard when you are out of milk. So you know what I did? Something I never thought in a million years I would find myself doing. I mixed a glass of dried milk and used it for the shake. Oh yes I did.  It was hard to convince myself to do. It just seems so... wrong. I'm actually embarrassed to even admit that I had powdered milk in the house. But you know, all mixed in with the frozen fruit, carrot puree and protein powder, it was just fine! I wouldn't have known the difference if I hadn't been the one to do it.

By 5:00, when I had to run an extra errand because my daughter forgot something, (and I could think of nothing but the gas it was guzzling), I found myself texting my friend, "I NEED a drink!"

And it was a good thing, because that particular friend came over later in the evening, as well as a few other gals, and we had a drink  couple of drinks  few drinks.

We enjoyed tangelo martinis, an onion torte, and some other snacks. So thanks gals, for keeping me company, for helping rid the house of the onions and tangelos, and for lots of laughs.

Take a look here though:
my fruit basket

an empty crisper drawer

the other crisper drawer... just six onions!

the rest of the fridge

Don't get too excited. There are still condiments upon condiments upon condiments in the door.

No veggies! No fruits!  It has only been a couple of days, but I really really want to eat some fresh veggies.  I just have to get though today, and then tomorrow we restock on everything. We get our new box first thing in the morning, and then we will head to Costco to get a whole bunch of more stuff.


Mark said...

Congratulations to you! That clean and empty fridge totally turned me on. I want to be like you when I grow up. Please explain to me this "box" thing. I think that I must have missed it somewhere along the line. Should I go back and read a particular Post? I'm very proud of you for using what you have. And I'm sorry that you had to pass a burger shack on your bike ride. I feel your pain. It't Lent for me.
Your Friend, m.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the martini and onion torte recipe below!
If my {spoiled} family saw our fridge looking like that, they would call children/family services!!!!
Congrats getting this far....can you see the light at the end of the tunnel now???

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