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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day two

I am working on a week five days of no spending, using up the produce that lingers here, and cleaning out the fridge and pantry...

I had a second (mostly) successful day! 

In the interest of having my tank of gas last the rest of the week, my youngest son and I rode bikes to his preschool. It is only about 2 miles each way, but the way I see it, that saved me $2,329 in gas. He thought it was so fun, we are going to do it for the rest of the week.

Yesterday, I had two concerns: How would I use up all the oranges, and what would I feed my friends on Thursday night? Then it hit me. Duh. There is one answer to both questions. And the answer is alcohol.  I am going to make the tangelos into martinis. I have had blood orange martinis before... so why not tangelo martinis? 

I went ahead and squeezed the juice for the martinis ahead of time, so I would have a better idea of how many oranges I had left. I squeezed 6 oranges, my daughter ate one, I ate two, and I found that one had already started rotting. That means that I went from 13 oranges to 3 oranges. We're going to make it!

We also ate 4 kiwis, and I found a recipe for today that uses up a few potatoes. We're on our way!

But there was one hitch. My daughter brought home a ticket order form for the school variety show, which we have been waiting for, for quite a while. The tickets have to be ordered before the end of this week, so I can't avoid paying for them. So I spent $10.

I have until Saturday morning to prepare and serve 3 oranges, 4 kiwis, 9 onions and 13 potatoes. Can I do it?

Stay tuned.


Mark said...

You are really pushing me to start investigating this whole "food thingy". I would love the idea of using what I have and no waste. We'll see. Okay, good luck on your mission.
Your Friend, m.

The Incredible Woody said...

Thanks for stopping by! And really, really thank you for the baby oil tip:) A girl from TN has exactly zero experience with this sort of thing!

And seriously, tangelo martinis sound delish!!

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