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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four(teen)

I am working on a week five days of no spending, using up the produce that lingers here, and cleaning out the fridge and pantry...

Day 3 was a complete and total success.

Wednesdays are usually my best days to get a lot of cooking done, and today was a banner day.

For starters, I used up all 13 potatoes. I was feeling bad for them, and they way they looked at me every time I opened the fridge. (Yes, they looked at me. They were starting to sprout eyes). I can't say we ate them all, of course. Forcing 4 people (3 of them small) to eat 13 potatoes is probably illegal. 

But I cooked them all. 

First, I used 6 in a potato cheese pie.  I found the recipe by just googling "potato recipe" and it was one of the first that I found. My main requirements for it were that it had to a.) use up a decent number of potatoes and b.) use only ingredients that I have in the house right now. No grocery runs this week, remember?  And actually, the recipe had a bonus. It used up one of my onions!

This was dinner for the kiddos and I, after restraining myself from picking at it all day. The kids said it was "okay," but they sure 'nough did eat it all. I count that a success. I thought it was pretty darn good, myself. My daughter did muse, at one point, "We are eating a lot of potatoes lately." 

Yeah, baby, we are. 

I couldn't leave the rest of the potatoes in the fridge, lingering like girls who didn't make it past the rose ceremony. So, I made more potato armadillos out of the remaining 7. I have learned that you can't freeze potatoes until they are cooked. So, I cooked 'em up, put 'em in freezer bags, and put them away for now. Some day when I am a running around like a mad woman, I will have them to pull out of the freezer and serve. Okay, okay... we aren't exactly keeping up with the produce we receive. But we aren't letting it go to waste, either. 


Since I am having people over tomorrow, it only seemed right that I use tonight as a chance try out the tangelo martini before serving it to guests. And we are SO going to need more orange juice. Them babies are good. Off went the last two oranges, to be juiced and chilled.

And we ate all four remaining kiwis with dinner.

Oh yeah, that's right. I have no produce left. 

oh wait. onions. 

Dang. I still have 8 onions. That's enough to make me cry. (get it?)

As for the money front, we had another free day. The preschooler and I rode bikes to school again, we had all meals and snacks at home, and we did school, homework, and art class. I am still going strong with only $10 spent.

On to tomorrow... we are officially out of milk, and we have dangerously little peanut butter. I think the kids would be happy to see how long the human body can subsist on graham crackers. Wish me luck!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Isn't it unnerving when those 'taters eyeball you?
Good for unneeded spending.
I find myself hitting the grocery store WAY too much. You are inspiring.

The Incredible Woody said...

You inspire me! I let SO much produce go to waste!! I am googling 'potato cheese pie' right now....

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